BIll Wyman announces new album “Drive my car”: out 9th August


VARESE, June 27 2024-Bill Wyman will release his ninth solo album, Drive My Car“, on 9th August. A masterful blend of his unique Anglo-Americana rhythm and blues, “Drive My Car” is Wyman’s first album since 2015 and will be available digitally, on CD and gatefold vinyl. Both CD and digital formats will feature two additional bonus tracks. To coincide with today’s announcement, Wyman has unveiled the title track ‘Drive My Car‘.

As founding member and rhythm architect of The Rolling StonesBill became a household name, revered by fans and peers alike. With a career spanning over six decades, Wyman steps back into the spotlight with a fresh collection of songs showcasing his passion and talent. Five tracks, including the album’s title track are self-penned, a testament to Bill’s enduring songwriting talent. “It’s not something I do every day, but sometimes I just see a guitar in the corner of the room, pick it up to play around and then something clicks into place,” he explains.

Bill’s lifelong love of country music is evident with a poignant tribute to John Prine, featuring a cover of ‘Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody.’ “We were very great friends, and the Rhythm Kings did a few of his tracks. What a lyricist! I love that line in ‘Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody’ about ‘Little Richard singing Tutti Frutti from the top of a telephone pole’ – I mean, who writes like that?

In addition to honouring old friends, Bill introduces listeners to new talents like Dutch guitarist Hans Theesink, whose work informed two tracks on the album. Despite never meeting in person, Bill is a champion of Hans’ fresh take on blues music. “I find his stuff really inspiring; he brings something new to the blues.”

Bill Wyman had a busy 2023, both looking back and looking forward. The oldest of the Rolling Stones (“they all talk about the war, but none of them remember it like I do!”), Bill mined his memories for vivid anecdotes of his wartime childhood and published them in an engrossing book, Billy In The Wars. At the same time he was planning for the future, recording the songs for “Drive My Car”.

Reflecting on the album’s overall sound, Bill cites JJ Cale as a major influence. “I think the biggest influence on the album as a whole is JJ Cale, his laidback groove has always appealed to me. Friends I’ve played it to have said things like ‘it really sounds like you’, and that makes me happy. I’ve never tried to be anyone else – I’m Bill, basically.”

Drive My Car‘ is a new and energised chapter in Bill’s storied career, a testament to his unwavering passion and the lifelong joy he finds in creating music, which continues to motor on.