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Fridays for Future activist in Kenya: “If you want to expose the government of climate corruption”

VARESE, 3 gennaio 2024-Ever mindful of the challenges and possible risks of peaceful demonstration, petitioning, and protesting in certain countries, we uncomfortably shine a spotlight on recent demonstrations gone awry. We stand alongside climate activists everywhere, and urge utmost precautions for personal safety.

One Fridays for Future activist in Kenya told us, “If you want to expose the government of climate corruption, you have to be out of the country. But of course, we want our messages about climate justice to be told all over the world”.

In 2023, Ugandan students protested the 900-mile East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline, or EACOP. When they tried to deliver a petition to their Parliament to stop it, some activists were abhorrently beaten by police and put in jail. Co-owned by French oil company TotalEnergies, the pipeline threatens to displace 100,000 people, their livelihoods, food
security, and right to a clean environment. As COP28 began, Ugandan youth activists were
incarcerated in a maximum security prison for protesting EACOP. Construction is underway.

Global Witness honored the memories of international land and environmental defenders on the front lines. This startling updated list is one to bear in mind and be inspired by
when we all speak our truth to power.
We still speak for them!
Fridays for Future advocates peaceful protest. Alert the press in advance and invite as many people as possible to join your demonstration: there is safety in numbers. You can
watch our FFF videos about how to campaign and organize a demonstration. If you need help, or if you get arrested, let us know about it!

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